Should never mean, you are on your own!

Set up WordPress right the first time

Simple process for websites that mean business

  • Initial consultation

    We will discuss with you want you really need from a website. We will also ask you to complete a website briefing document.

  • Proposal Delivery

    We analyse your needs and create a red hot proposal with a suggested investment value for your new wordpress website.

  • Website development

    Our team works hard, delivering an awesome result which will enhance your business. The site is designed, populated with content and tested on all devices before going live.

  • Handing over the keys

    This final stage includes thorough training with you and your team. Plus we give 30 days free support after project completion.

WordPress Pilots will rescue your site!
WordPress Pilots will rescue your site!
Hover/Tap for Website Rescue!
Website Rescue!
A WordPress website is dynamic and not static and as such, will not function perfectly well for all time, without attention. Technology changes, web software updates and things just stop working. In addition plugins become insecure and as a result may even be hacked! Website designs also age in look and functionality, in such cases, you need a design salvage crew.
WordPress Pilots specialise in SEO!
WordPress Pilots specialise in SEO!
Hover/Tap for SEO!
Rising to the heights of a good Google Page Rank is a challenge for every business. This takes time, talent and money. WordPress Pilots offer different levels of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help you build an online reputation. After all, what is the point of a great website with no traffic?
Secure your site with WordPress Pilots!
Secure your site with WordPress Pilots!
Hover/Tap for Security!
WordPress is not secure right out of the box! There is technical insecurity which must be addressed and watched, to keep your site safe from unauthorised people and webbots. WordPress Pilots will secure your site properly – this can be retro-fitted to existing sites, so unless you are sure, let us fix your security. Without the right defences, it is only a matter of time.
Solutions not Packages!
Solutions not Packages!
Hover/Tap for solutions!
Buy a WordPress site for your business with design, security, search engine optimisation and training, right here with the WordPress Pilots. We custom quote each website so you are only paying for what your business requires. E-commerce? No problem. We do not provide cookie-cutter websites, we will tailor something exactly to your needs and budget.

What our clients say

  • WordPress Pilots have patiently given expert training to me and my team. We were new to this stuff and the training allowed us to manage our own website in no time. I recommend WordPress Pilots to anyone needing to revamp their old site or just starting out, these guys go above and beyond!

    Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly Director, Sunshine Coast New Homes
  • When it came to creating a new look website, Wordpress Pilots were the obvious choice.

    I was extremely grateful .... for their patience in training me to edit my website, and the speed with which my new website was built.

    I would not hesitate to recommend the Wordpress Pilots to anyone seeking advice, direction and outstanding results in website design.

    Penny Feil
    Penny Feil Owner, Accord Mediation
  • Wordpress Pilots was a smart choice to have build my website.

    These guys know their technical stuff and how to create a great looking, sales-ready platform, from which I could launch my business in the online arena.

    Troy Smith
    Troy Smith Aerotrek
  • Wordpress Pilots built our stunning new website and made the whole process easy! They had lots of display tricks up their sleeves and really know their wordpress stuff. I have them managing the technical things like updates and security, because it is great value.

    David Thomson
    David Thomson Certus Group

Stuff they won’t tell you about WordPress

  1. Despite relative ease of use, WordPress is fraught with security and setup issues. These will suck the life out of your project. The bad guys now spend tons of time just working out ways to hack your site . . . in fact it’s big business.
  2. A powerful, high performance WP site is not the same as a DIY setup. Try comparing a bicycle to a race car, unless you have a advertising person writing great content, at best you will get a good-looking that does the basics.
  3. Anyone with some tech skills can build a cheap WordPress site, but as in all things business, you get what you pay for.

Do you have the time to become a WordPress genius on top of your other responsibilities?

Are you an advertising guru, able to create lasting connections with your customers through well written content and creative ideas?

We are really good at this stuff and you should get the site you deserve

Get smart, build your business with your skills and employ the WordPress Pilots to safely set up and creatively design a website for you. In addition to development, we can manage the technical guff and give you exclusive access to our training facility. So if you want to earn your wings and fly solo, you can do it with less risk of a crash.

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