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Engaging with visitors – Social media follow module

  1. The social media follow module allows you to add social media logos/icons that link to your social media pages, so you can connect to more clients through social media.
  2. To add a new Social media follow module, find the column that you would like to add it to and simply click on the ‘Insert Module(s)’ link.
  3. Once you have clicked this link you will be taken to an ‘Insert Module’ popup box, find the ‘Social Media Follow’ button (it will have an icon of a little id tag to the left), and you will be taken to the ‘Social Media Follow Settings’ box.
  4. Here you can insert any number of social media icons and links that you like. I will go through the different settings from top to bottom:

The first step is to click on the ‘Add Social Network’ box at the top, here you can choose your Social Network from the drop down list, as per the images below:






Individual Social Network Button Settings:

Social Network allows you to choose the network that you would like to link to, for example Facebook. Depending on the network you select, the correct logo will be used from the icon, and a default background colour will be added to match.

Account URL is where you can input the full URL to your social profile page. This is where the link to lead to when clicked, for example if you selected Facebook, you would put a link to your Facebook Page here.

Icon Colour – Select the colour to be used for the background colour of the button. By default, we choose a colour that matches the corporate identity of the social network you selected. However, you are also free to choose a custom colour.

Main module settings:

Link Shape – Here you can choose the shape of your social network icons. You can toggle between Circle or Rounded Rectangle.

Text Colour – Here you can choose whether your text should be light or dark. If you are working with a dark background, then your text should be light. If your background is light, then your text should be set to dark.

URL Opens – Here you can choose whether or not your link opens in a new window. If the link is not going to somewhere within your website, we recommend choosing ‘In The New Tab or Window’, so that the user will not be taken away from your website and will be more likely to continue browsing it.

Follow Button – Here you can choose whether or not to include the follow button next to the icon. If disabled, then only the logo icon will be displayed.

Finally the ‘Admin Label’ is where you can give your module a name for easy identification when you are editing your page, you can give this any name you like to help you recognize the content in the module, such as ‘Facebook Button’ or ‘Social Media buttons’.

The CSS ID and CSS Class are for backend code purposes only and you do not need to worry about this as we have already preset this information for you.

  1. Now you just need to click ‘Save’ and then ‘Update’ the page and your revised or new social media button will appear when you view the page!
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