Divi Theme – How to edit text on a page

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Step 1. Go to www.your-website-url/wp-admin

Enter your username and password to get into the ‘Dashboard’ of WordPress.

Step 2. Once you have logged in, on the left hand side, there is a menu. Find the ‘Pages’ menu item,  hover over it and go to ‘All Pages’. You should see an page with all of the pages listed.

Click on the name of the page you would like to edit the text on, for example ‘Home’, and you will be taken to an ‘Edit Page‘ page.

Step 3. The pages are broken up into different sections, we have labelled these sections so it makes them easier for you to find. The dark grey boxes contain content that you can edit like text and images.

Find the section on the page where the text you would like to edit is located.

To edit the content inside, click on the little icon with 3 horizontal lines as per this image:

edit text divi

 After clicking this button, a screen will open called ‘text module settings’

For text colour the rule is if your text is being placed onto a dark background the Text Color should be set to ‘Dark’. Visa versa, if your text is being placed onto a light background, the Text Color should be set to ‘Light’.

The Text Orientation dropdown menu allows you to specify the orientation of your text to be Left Justified, Centered, or Right Justified.

Now you can edit your text under the ‘Content’ section as below, it has tools similar to those in Microsoft Word. 

edit text module divi 

Make sure you hit ‘save’ or you will lose your changes.

Step 4. Once you hit save, you need to ‘Update’ the page so that you can see your changes on the website. This button is called ‘Update‘ and is located in the right hand side menu, under the word ‘Publish’, as per the image below:


That’s it! You can have a look at the page on your website to have a look at your change.

If you want to get there from the Edit Page screen, you can click on ‘view Page‘ near the title of the page as per this image:

view page

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