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Contact forms are a great way for your visitors to contact you quickly and easily, the info that the visitor types into the form will be sent to your email address, or any email address of your choosing.

Here’s how you can add a contact form module:

  1. To add a new Contact form module, find the column that you would like to add it to and simply click on the ‘Insert Module(s)’ link.
  2. Once you have clicked this link you will be taken to an ‘Insert Module’ popup box, find the ‘Contact Form’ button (it will have an icon of an envelope to the left), and you will be taken to the ‘Contact Form Module Settings’ box.
  3. Here you can insert all of the fields and details you would like to appear in your form. I will go through the different settings from top to bottom:

The ‘Captcha’ option is very important, as it will insert a little piece of numbers and letters that the user must enter in correctly before submitting their form. This will prevent spammers and robots from filling in the form and sending possibly harmful content to you. We recommend selecting the ‘Display Captcha’ option for all forms.

The ‘Email’ section allows you to add the email address that you would like the form submissions to be sent to, make sure this is a valid email address or you won’t receive the messages from the form.

The ‘Title’ field allows you to enter a title for your contact form, this text will appear as a heading above the form, so you can enter anything that you would like to appear here or simply leave it blank if you do not want to put a heading above the form.

Finally the ‘Admin Label’ is where you can give your module a name for easy identification when you are editing your page, you can give this any name you like to help you recognize the content in the module, such as ‘Contact Form’. The CSS ID and CSS Class are for backend code purposes only and you do not need to worry about this as we have already preset this information for you.

  1. Now you just need to click ‘Save’ and then ‘Update’ the page and your new contact form will appear when you view the page!
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