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  1. Before placing a new image into the image module you need to have an image that is optimised to be placed on the web. If the image is not optimised the load time of your website can increase dramatically, frustrating your visitors. If you have not optimised your images for the web please refer to the training article titled ‘Optimising your images for web
  2. To swap an image you need to change the ‘image URL’. You can do this by clicking ‘Upload an Image’ which will take you to the ‘choose an image’ screen. By default it will open on ‘Media Library’ and you can select an image already in your image bank. To upload a new image hit ‘Upload Files’ and ‘select files’ from your computer directory or simply drag the image onto the screen until it turns blue and the small green icon appears.
  3. When the upload has finished you shown the image in the Media Library and you will see a tick on the corner of your new image. Hit ‘Set as Image’ to place the new image URL into the image module.
  4. Back in the Image Module settings you have settings for further fields with descriptions appearing under them. It is recommended to always enter ‘Image Alternative Text’ – Alternate text provides any necessary information if the image does not load, appear properly, or in any other situation where a user cannot view the image. It also allows the image to be read and recognized by search engines.
  5. If you want to link the image to a different page in your website or an outside URL copy and paste the page URL into the ‘Link URL’ field. For the ‘URL Opens’ setting it is recommended to leave it on ‘in the same window’ if the URL is from within your website and use ‘in a new tab’ if linking to an outside source.
  6. If no link is entered the image will remain static
  7. You can create additional image modules by clicking ‘insert modules’ (which appears inside rows) the select ‘image’
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