Our Fair Go Policy applies to all customers on the Top Cover Maintenance and Security package. We will update your content within reasonable parameters and limit the amount of work to within the bounds of normal maintenance. Creating new content for blogs and sites, which are expected to be updated very regularly, are not considered to be a “fair go” inclusion.


Here are some examples of uses which we consider ‘reasonable’ content changes.

This is not intended to be an complete list:

  • Changes to content on up to 2 pages, such as copy and image replacements or adding a new page
  • Minor changes to copy on website (ie. Change of contact details, removing or adding text, changing font size/colour etc.) Provided you supply the wording to drop into the page.
  • Adding or replacing an image or two, provided you supply the images (stock image searches and purchases are not included).
  • Minor layout changes (ie. Changing colours, adding a sidebar to a page, adding a new item to your menu)
  • Making changes to plugin settings or details (ie. Adding new slide to a slider plugin, changing contact form details through contact form plugin)


We consider your use of the service unreasonable if you use it in a manner, which is other than it was intended for.

Here are some examples of uses, which we consider ‘unreasonable’, if you do want to make any of the following changes, please contact us for a discounted quote.

This is not intended to be an complete list:

  • Extensive changes to content on 2+ pages per month
  • Adding new functionality to the site, eg new plugins and other technology not found on the site.
  • Major re-design of a website layout or change of WordPress theme
  • Conversion of unresponsive themes to a mobile friendly
  • Changes requiring services of a professional developer or third party, such as changing the way a plugin works through modification of the core plugin code.
  • Any paid update costs are not included and will be passed on to you.