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The widget area allows you to insert widgets into specific areas of your website. Most WordPress websites will have a ‘widget area’ for the sidebar, meaning the widgets you choose to put in here will appear in the sidebar of your website (either the right hand or left hand side of the page depending on your layout). There are also widget areas for the Footer section on some websites, this is the horizontal section at the very bottom of your website and will appear under your main content.


This tutorial will show you how easy it is to edit and add widgets to your widget areas.


  1. To access your widget areas from within your WordPress Dashboard, hover over or click on the ‘Appearance’ menu item in the left hand sidebar, and select ‘Widgets’, this will take you to a page with all available widgets on the left along with your widget areas on right.
  2. You can expand your widget areas to view the widgets that are already in place. To do this simply find the area you would like to expand (if it isn’t already), and click on the little grey triangle to the right of the widget area name. You can tell if the widget area is expanded by the direction the triangle is pointing, if it is pointing up then it is expanded and all widgets will be shown, if it is pointing down then it is closed and the widgets will be hidden.
  3. Within the widget areas there will be different widgets, these open and close the same way as the widget areas, just click the triangle. If you would like to edit a widget area, simply open it up and modify the content of the widget, and click the blue ‘Save’ button. Once this is saved, it will change on your website instantly, so make sure you are happy with it before you hit Save.
  4. To remove a widget from the widget area, just hover over the widget that you would like to remove, you will know that you have hovered over the widget when a dark outline appears around the box, then simply click on the widget and drag it out of the area. If you would like to keep the widget with all the current content or settings for later, you can drag and drop it under the ‘Inactive Widget’ heading on the left hand side (this will show up underneath the available widgets so you may need to scroll down to see it), if you don’t want to keep it just drag and drop it to the left where the available widgets are listing.
  5. To add a widget to a widget area, make sure you have the widget area expanded (so the triangle points up), then find a widget you would like to add and drag and drop it into the widget area – easy! To help you understand what each widget does, there will be a little grey description underneath each widget that explains what the widget does.
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