General – Adding Pages to your Menu

 In General, Wordpress Training
  1. From the left-hand dashboard menu hover over ‘appearance’ and select ‘menus
  2. On the ‘Edit Menus’ tab. Your primary menu will be named ‘main menu’ and typically this is where you will want to add your new page.
  3. From the pages list on the left hand side, navigate to the page you want to add and check the tick box. Then hit the ‘add to menu’ button.
  4. The added page will appear at the bottom of the list in the ‘menu structure’. To move the page up in the structure click your curser down until the box is highlighted and the move icon appears. You can then drag the page up in the order, if you want the page to be a ‘sub item’ and appear as a drop down under another page drag the page a bit to the right.
  5. Hit save menu and refresh your website to view changes
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