General – Editing Text on your Pages or Posts

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  1. The visual editor will be familiar to you, if you are used to using other text editing programs such as microsoft word.If the content looks like code and has a different menu you may have clicked over to ‘text’, if this is the case click back over to ‘visual’
  2. From here you can style the text and edit the copy. Keep in mind this is not exactly how it will look on your live website, as we have styled things like the text colour, size and line spacing behind the scenes that do not show in this editor.
  3. To change the colour or size of some text it is best to first hit ‘clear formatting’ and then make your style changes. This avoids the code from becoming unnecessarily complicated, as it will store the previous formatting unless this is cleared
  4. It is handy to know how to insert or remove a link to a page in your site or an outside source. You need to first highlight the text that is to be linked. Next click on the chain/link icon. When the ‘insert/edit link’ screen pops up you need to copy in the destination URL and then choose if it opens in a new window (suggested if going to an outside URL) and leave unchecked if linking to a page within your site

If you would like to add a picture to your page, please see the post on how to upload and add images.

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