General – Exploring the WordPress Dashboard

 In General, Wordpress Training
  1. Welcome to your website cockpit also known as your dashboard, from here you can edit your pages, write on your blog, check statistics and manage orders (if you site uses e-commerce). This video will give you a quick run down on what is what to get you started.
  2. On your dashboard you will see a feed of our blog updates on new training videos and just to your right you should be able to see an overview of your Google analytics
  3. On the left there is a menu, depending on purpose of your site you will have different menu items available to you here.
  4. From the top bar you have the ability to view your site, quick links for creating new pages, posts etc. and also to log out from the dashboard.
  5. Required updates also notified to you in the top menu bar and along the side by the red circles containing a number. Dealing with updates can be tricky as they can affect the functionality of your site. Depending on your level or expertise and whether you have a maintenance package with us will depend on how you should deal with these update notifications.
  6. On this site you can view additional training articles that will guide you on how to make changes on your site and upload new media items.
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