General – Uploading and Adding an Image

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  1. You can add new optimised images to your website (if your images have not been optimised for the web please see the ‘Optimising Images’ tutorial) directly to where you want them to appear on the site
  2. In the text area you will see a button ‘Add Media’, click on this button to open the ‘Insert Media’ section. Select the ‘Upload Files’ tab.
  3. You can either drag in your new images (the screen will turn blue and have a message ‘drop files to upload’ when dragged over) or click ‘select files’ to open your computers document library where you can navigate to where your new images are saved
  4. Once the uploading is complete make sure there is a blue tick on the corner of the image you just uploaded
  5. On the right you can see the ‘attachment details’, in the ‘alt text’ space write a short description of the image
  6. In the ‘attachment display settings’ there is a view options to consider. You can choose the alignment – either left right or center. For the ‘link to’ field you will typically want this to be either selected as ‘none’ (this means the image does not do anything when clicked) or as ‘custom url’ (if you want the image to link to a web page, either internal or external to your website you can past the complete URL here). For image size drop down to full size if you want the image to be the same size as the size it was when uploaded, alternatively you may want to use the medium or thumbnail option if you want the image to appear at a smaller size
  7. Then click the blue button ‘insert into page’. Now the image is added you can save the module (if applicable) and finally make sure to update the page. It is recommended to view the live website page to check the image is appearing as expected.
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