WordPress Hosting facilities, they are not all the same!

WordPress Pilots provide the best hosting solution for your website

Your hosting server is your website’s engine! A critical factor which determines your website speed, reliability and security.

If we can give you just one piece of advice, do not host your site on a server because it is cheap!

Why not? Because you want a quality experience from your website!

It is very easy to hide behind a professional page and promise the world for little money, but the skimping will be there in areas of speed, services and support. It is the commercial reality.

If you are a business person, just think about the logic . . . high quality, fast computers, housed in a secured framework (physical and software), with 24/7 power and human resources is not cheap to set up.

If you skimp on the price you charge, it means you cannot deliver the services as promised.

WordPress Pilots understand the tricky game of balancing performance with price, to offer a high quality hosting platform with good speed, security and functionality.