Stay safe with a wingman

Technical Care Packages for Business Sites

Relax – we’ve got your back!

The internet is often a dangerous place and it is smart practice to have someone to watch your back, while you go about your business.

In the world of self-managed websites, critical updates and hot fixes are something you cannot ignore.  Databases become fragmented, plugins develop security issues, software for the internet changes and this affects performance and security.

BUT keeping plugins and files up to date is a double-edge sword. Anyone can click the “update plugin” link . . . but sometimes an update may cause an issue or break in service. If your site is affected, you will need to know how to fix it. 

. . . or do you? Get a maintenance care package and you can set and forget . . . from the price of a cup of coffee per week.

Put the WordPress Pilots on the job and we will update everything, keep databases clean and unbloated, back up your site off the server for quick disaster recovery and more.

At the end of each period you will receive a written report, outlining any issues we found and sorted.

Problems caused by plugin updates are sorted painlessly and quickly.

Check out the ridiculously inexpensive care packages below, choose which one is best for your needs and click the button to let us know you would like a wingman!

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