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WordPress MUST be Serviced and Maintained for Longevity.

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In the modern web environment, building your website is the beginning, not the end of your internet journey.

Sites are no longer static, a web site is not like a printed brochure which once done is done . . .  Consider your WordPress site to be more like your car! Regular services and preventative maintenance will ensure longer life and less trouble.

Incremental changes in technology affect website performance and security, so you cannot just ignore it and expect everything to stay in pristine condition.

Sticking with the car analogy, the internet superhighway has many potholes, dangerous curves and perils which can damage your site’s ability to function properly. Unlike a real road, these dangers are rarely signposted and without due vigilance, you will come to grief eventually.

What you must do

As a bare minimum, You must keep your site’s plugins and core engine software up to date, regular database backups and security scans are also essential to stay on the straight and narrow.

This activity is time-consuming and without expert knowledge, you could do as much harm as good.

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Do it the smart way

Forget about the nuts n’ bolts of running a WordPress site and choose to do the stuff you are really good at . . . like your own business expertise!

WordPress Pilots offer a range of maintenance and security packages for every type of site.

They are reasonably priced to suit your budget. Cheaper packages sacrifice the regularity for price, while the top package even covers elementary SEO and reports.

Our clients are the greatest

Become a WordPress Pilots client and enjoy extra benefits of having your site personally cared for.

When you take on a scheduled service package, we will not only do the contracted duties, we will also keep you across the latest changes to the platform and offer suggestions. If something pops up which will enhance your site, you find out first.

Relax and let WordPress Pilots do the worrying over the security and maintenance of your site.

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